Commercial Photography

How is Portrait Photography different from Commercial Photography? Commercial Photography is photography, where the commercial photographer is hired to create images, for an individual client or company.  As San Francisco Commercial Photographer, Soleil Portraits Photography creates images in several different areas: Architectural Photography, Advertising Photography, Corporate Photography (portraits, business portraits,[...]

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Family Portrait Photography

Family portraits are timeless. For me, family portraiture is generally more flexible than any other type of photography, and it gives me lots of opportunities to express my creativity. Soleil Portraits Photography has photographed many family portraits through the years, creating exceptional portraits that will be passed as heirlooms from[...]

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Wedding Photography

What is Wedding Photography? Wedding photography is an art and my passion. It is an opportunity to be creative and artistic on the wedding day. A wedding day that we as photographers use as our canvas is a landmark of new beginnings in a couple’s life. It is a day[...]

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